Friday, March 6, 2009

Today's "Highly Perceptive": The Californian on Rincon Hill, now Echelon on Rincon Hill??

Our "Highly Perceptive" eyes came across an interesting twist in the fate of The Californian, Fifield's proposed development on Rincon Hill. 

According to the residential section of their home page , the project is now called Echelon on Rincon Hill. Outdated information still states "Construction and sales will begin in 2008", but project text now says "ultra luxury apartment tower". Slip of the tongue? Misunderstanding of semantics?  Your comments welcome, as usual. 

Our San Francisco real estate market...ever evolving. 

Image courtesy Socketsite

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  1. 375 Fremont was bought 2005 Jon Fifield whom.
    Continue post on there website anticipated. Project inaccurate amount paid $85 million. For the land
    when market crash. 2008 Fifield decide to postpone then. Sold it with new architectural exterior. Zoned
    even taller if developer seeks. Revision of plans
    height 750ft amount for construction. Avid buyers go for it. Taller building is need thanks.